If your question is related to a PiNet issue (especially booting up your first Raspberry Pi with PiNet), have you tried the suggestions in the troubleshooting section of the site? Please make sure you have tried these first.

Something isn’t working, or perhaps you just have a general question about PiNet or want a hand adding it to your school?
Is a few ways you can contact me.


The simple one. I will try and reply within a week (although is usually more like an hour). If I don’t reply within a week, email me again!
Before emailing, please make sure you have tried all the troubleshooting documentation above as email support is right now provided as a free service and is done in my free time.

Email address is support at pinet dot org dot uk

If it is a technical query, please include.

  • PiNet version you are running
  • Which release channel are you using (stable, dev or custom)
  • Is PiNet installed on a dedicated machine or a virtual machine
  • Your position (student, teacher, technician, Pi enthusiast, etc)
  • Any weird customisations
  • School or organisation name (optional)


If you want instant help, I sit on freenode IRC in the #ltsp channel quite a lot and you can drop me a private message. Handle on there is gbaman.
You can launch the freenode webchat site from here.
Remember to enter the channel as #ltsp!
I am not always on IRC though, so if I am there, drop me a message. If not, best bet not to bug the other busy developers on there and drop me an email or tweet instead.


You can also drop a tweet to the project twitter account @PiNetDev.