PiNet is a system that has been in development for the past number of years by Andrew Mulholland, a Computer Science Graduate, based in Belfast.
It was designed for schools/organisations to setup and manage Raspberry Pi networks, to replicate similar systems already in place for Windows networks.
The software/documentation is completely free and open source and has been built with guidance from educators across the world. A list of all those that have helped make this project possible can be found here.
Note - Some documentation pages may still have mentions of Raspi-LTSP, ignore these. The site contains over 500 lines of text and over 150 images, so the upgrade may take some time.

Getting started

Managing users

General features

Advanced options



All the documentation written in markdown can be found in the Github repository. If you see issues/typos/mistakes/etc in this documentation please feel free to send in pull requests to fix them or open an issue.
If you want to contribute to the documentation (please do!!) then check out the contributing guide


Having issues with PiNet, have a general question or just want some help setting up PiNet in your school?
Check out the support page on details of how to get in touch.